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FW: SVO Oil Light/detonation/shifter

Lets try this again....

I have (2) 86s: 11/85:EGO Boost Light; 3/86 Check Oil Light
When was the last SVO made?

In the past few weeks... I have increased boost on the 3/86 SVO to 18-19 psi 
using a Holley jet (bypassed the electronic solenoid); added the K&N cone; 
cleaned the stock IC, and disconnected the knock sensor(?!?). The thing really 
screws now but I was experiencing some detonation (or marbles in the 
engine)...I solved this problem by turning the fuel selector switch to 
unleaded. How much does this retard boost? I've also heard carbon deposits 
contribute to detonation?

My stock shifter is really loosey-goosey now. It fills like there are large 
voids between the "shifting channels". I really noticed it today when I went 
home to drive my other SVO which is stock and in mint condition (the 3/86 SVO 
has definitely seen better days). Anyway, how can I rebuild or cheaply replace 
the shifter and what does this involve?

Finally if anyone in the New England area knows of an SVO cloth driver's seat 
in any condition above shitty, let me know...mine is the latter.

(2) 86 SVOs (one stock, one toy)