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Wow, I really did meet that dude....

Some time ago, when there was some b.s. thread goin on that I really don't
care to get started again, I mentioned that I met this guy at the 1996
Spring Break Shootout(season opener for Fun Ford Weekend events) that was
runnning and SVO.
He had a stroker(according to him), header, DFI, EVC, and a fairly gutted
car.  He was running his best times in the 12.teens.  Some people say I
may have actually met that Mike Abbey guy, but doubted because of the 12
second times and such.
Well, I reember I was talkin to him about getting some of his stock EEC IV
stuff, and so he gave me his business card.  I happened to find this card
in my dresser over the weekend, and sure enuff, it had Mike Abbeys name on
it.  Anybody want his #?:) jus kiddin.
Anyway, I jus thought I would pass that along.  he was running 12's in ~50
degree weather.

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