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Re: K&N Filter


Thanks for the kind words...

I got your message last night, but my ISP is down, so I haven't been
spending a lot of time answering e-mail, since I have to call long
distance.  AAARRRGGGHHH! :)

'94 Ranger with a 4.0L V6 takes a 33-2024...jobber is 34.08 + 3.00
shipping to your door (priority mail...I love it).  Just let me know if
you want it -- you can send me a check for it.

I get to try out my new turbo this weekend.  Either it's going to: 1) Go
faster...2) Go slower... 3) Blow up. 

That thing is huge ("e" trim...3" wheel).  I can't wait.  What's that
noise that Tim Allen makes?

Talk to you soon,