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Re: FW: SVO Oil Light/detonation/shifter

Ron Myrick wrote:

> Detonation.
> In the past few weeks... I have increased boost on the 3/86 SVO to 18-19 psi
> using a Holley jet (bypassed the electronic solenoid); added the K&N cone;
> cleaned the stock IC, and disconnected the knock sensor(?!?). The thing really
> screws now but I was experiencing some detonation (or marbles in the
> engine)...I solved this problem by turning the fuel selector switch to
> unleaded. How much does this retard boost? I've also heard carbon deposits
> contribute to detonation?

If your timing is set at the stock 10 degrees, I don't think you have
much choice but to run better gas, or a little less boost (or reconnect
the knock sensor and put up with how much timing it pulls out all the

> Shifter
> My stock shifter is really loosey-goosey now. It fills like there are large
> voids between the "shifting channels". I really noticed it today when I went
> home to drive my other SVO which is stock and in mint condition (the 3/86 SVO
> has definitely seen better days). Anyway, how can I rebuild or cheaply replace
> the shifter and what does this involve?

I don't know about rebuilding the shifter, but every time I have those
symptoms, I've broken one of the two bolts that hold the shifter handle
onto the base.  It's a fairly quick and easy fix, and happens to me
every few years.