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SVO List: Cheap Turbo Mustangs Galore!

Having had quite an interesting weekend, I figured
some of you guys might enjoy a good "SVO Rescue" story....

        Last weekend I was at the local "All Ford" car show sponsored by a
nearby dealer.  When walking back out to the parking lot I noticed a
'85 SVO sitting at the far corner of the parking lot with a "For Sale"
sign in it. 92K, good interior, no rust for $2500.  I took down the # but
didn't get a hold of the guy till Tuesday.  By then that car was sold, but
when talking to the guy on the phone he mentioned he had two more turbo
Mustangs sitting around that he needed to get rid of because he was
moving.  So Saturday, a friend and I went to see what he needed to get rid
of...The first car he showed us was an '80 Mustang Ghia Turbo, complete,
100K miles with a blown head gasket.  Nothing special but it had the Turbo
hood, and semi-rare hatch with rear wiper.  A good parts car though.  When
we asked to see what else he had, he pulled a tarp off the top of a Canyon
Red '85 SVO.  It was a light rollover (no broken glass even except for a
cracked windshield and the doors even open freely!)  65K miles, leather,
and complete except for a leaky rack and pinion.  Polished SVO wheels were
stored inside his house complete with 75% tread VR50 Gatorbacks even.
After almost fainting on sight, I composed myself to ask him how much he
wanted for his goodies.  After thinking for a minute he said "I'll take
$400 (yes that's four hundred!) for the PAIR of Mustangs if you can have
them out of here in a week."  After sorting out the details, now I will
have even less room in my garage....But anyway, just wanted to let you   
guys know there are still some good SVO deals floating around out 
there....Have a good week!  I know I will now!   

*                    John Basler			*
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