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Whistle Gone!!

Hey SVOers,

I have a 86 SVO with stock exhaust and the turbo would whistle REALLY 
bad the first couple of spins after startup.  I recently pulled the 
stock downpipe and replaced it with a 3" Off-road pipe from Corral.  
The whistle dissappered...hmm.

I was moving the old pipe around and picked it upside down (turbo 
side to the ground and a big pile ofr Cat inner material fell to the 
floor.  I turned the pipe over and looked in the cat and found that 
most of the other material was brocken up and turned sideways, no 
wonder the turbo spools SO much faster now.  I can not wait to get it 
to the track next Wednesday.

Chris Roth
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO