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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

At 06:06 AM 9/4/97 -0700, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>O.K. tech heads, what's the deal here?
>I first had the top end of the engine rebuilt. Car ran fine. Then I had
>the turbo rebuilt and upgraded. Car ran fine.
>Just installed new cap, rotor, air filter, ACCELL 8.8 Graphite wires and
>Bosch Platinum spark plugs.( What is the correct gap? my book doesn't
>Now the car runs like SHIT!!!

When you say shit, is it shit at high boost or shit everywhere? I have
noticed that aftermarket wires often don't work as well as the stock 8mm
ones but this is only a problem at high boost. The same goes for plug gap,
what works at idle and part throttle operation may not work under boost.
The stock plug gap is somewhere around 0.032 and those running more than
stock boost often have to reduce that to 0.025 or more.

If these things are not the problem you could have a defective part. Try
putting the old parts back in one at a time.
James Lawler james@ccnsinfo.com

84 Mustang SVO E/SP
90 Eagle Talon AWD E/SP (Rain car)