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Fwd: [M] Wastegate Actuator needed

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From:	FFASTSVO@AOL.COM (Eric Atoian)
Sender:	MERKUR-OWNERS@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM (The Merkur Owners List)
Date: 97-09-04 18:07:11 EDT

  Hello everyone, I need to buy a new wastegate actuator (the little round
gold piece) for my SVO. Where should I buy this from (numbers) and how much
do they go for?  Is it really worth going to an External type wastegate, such
as an HKS for a daily driver that sees the strip sometimes?

  Another question on upgraded turbo's.  Would a T-4 compressor housing have
interference problems on an SVO? How would I match up the intake hose and
breather tube? Maybe I am better off cutting (does this have to be CNC'ed?)
the T-3 housing so the bigger wheel will fit and it will install and look
like OEM.