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230 H.P.

Hey Guys!

   I have a '86 Turbo Coupe and I want to get about 230 HP (100 HP per Liter)
out of that engine. I now one of you guys can tell me the easiest way to do
it. Currently its completely stock without aintercooler, I plan to do all the
things Dave has in his page (K&N, boost bleed valve, exhaust) I also plan to
put on an intercooler, but what else will it take to get where I want to be? 
   Before I started getting this list I installed a set of 8.8 plug wires and
a cap and rotor with brass terminals from Auto Zone and they work great (no
miss), just thought I'd share that.

100 HP per liter is simply --cking amaising.

Evergreen (Denver) CO