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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit


> PLEASE tell me why? This is THE only thing I have done to my Turbo-Coupe 
> powered Ranger (not even a full T/U done) and it runs great ( 14.4@96mph)
> should it run better??
> Saul

Well, who knows what it should run?  I don't even know what it weighs.. But
that's pretty damn good!

If I take out a Bosch platinum, and install a stock Motorcraft or Autolite
it ALWAYS runs better. EVEN a new one!

Dr. Jacobs says that platinums are easier to fire, and that if the car runs
better with platinums, then the rest of the ignition must have been weak. 
Our stock ignition, in good condition, is not weak.  Ford really did make a
GOOD package with this motor.  It requires maintenance a little more often,
but it WORKS, and that's pretty good for all the boost we put in them.

The Bosch platinums are not as meaty as the other brands.  This may account
for some of the disparity in the reports regarding platinum plugs.

Supercharged 5 liter tuners specifically disallow their customers from
running platinum plugs in their cars, becasue of their experience with

FWIW, these are my experiences.  I'm just sharing what I've SEEN.