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Re: 230 H.P.

>    I have a '86 Turbo Coupe and I want to get about 230 HP (100 HP per

This should be pretty easy.

This is my list of recommended upgrades, for you.  It is based on COST

Everything should be in tip top shape, first.  No codes from the EEC, and
fresh ignition components.

Raise the boost to 15 psi.  Even a non-intercooled car, can tolerate this
with the knock sensor connected and good gas.

Engle TCS-55 camshaft w/ new followers.  I sell this delivered for $149. 
Sure, I'm biased, but it works!  It's easier and cheaper than lots of other
mods.  It makes the car stronger off the boost, too.  Hardly any of the
other mods do that.  They all concentrate on making more power under boost.

If you can get an SVO or Turbo Coupe intercooler for $100, do that before
the cam.  If it's more than the cam, do it after the cam.  A servicable
intercooler is important at this point.  All the SVO owners here, had one
stock.  You need to catch up at this point.

The 3" downpipe works great and is about $150 ?? Actually I can't remember.
 From Classic Corral.  Also Joe Morgan has a machinist friend that will
make em for about $100, also.  I'll post that again if you guys want.

Porting the exhaust manifold, works well, especially with the 3" downpipe. 
Besides most people's manifolds are cracked.  I sell this for $220
delivered.  It's a NEW piece, ported out.

Do the rest of the exhaust next. 2.5" or 3" single with a bigger cat too. 
This is expensive but it helps now, a good bit, and then it also supports
any thing else you do.

Porting just the head side of the intake, made a feelable improvement on my
car. If you can port at home, do the head, intake and exhaust manifolds.

In general, make the motor flow more air.  Exhaust mods really help, but
can get expensive. Gotta have the K&N.  I like the cams and stick em in all
my 2.3s.

I'm sure others will add more, but YOUR goal is relatively easily

Good Luck!