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FW: SVO List: Cheap Turbo Mustangs Galore!

I had to forward this cuz MSN can't remember what their domain name is :)  They just added a word to it without telling anybody.

was msn.com
now classic.msn.com

go figure...


From: 	Saul Rivkin[SMTP:pepboy-1@classic.msn.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, September 04, 1997 10:55 PM
To: 	Mustang SVO Mailing List; John Basler
Subject: 	RE: SVO List: Cheap Turbo Mustangs Galore!

John wrote:
> he said "I'll take $400 (yes that's four hundred!) for the PAIR of Mustangs 

John: You suck. No Really......Thats AWSOME and GOOD LUCK!!!
Saul (jealous)