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Re: 230 H.P.

AKLARION@aol.com wrote:
> Hey Guys!
>    I have a '86 Turbo Coupe and I want to get about 230 HP <snip>

The route I would go is K&N right on the meter, big exhaust,
and Dave's Engle cam deal.  Turn the boost up to about 14psi,
and then drive it that way for a while.  That'll be "enough",
but if (when) you decide you want more, rather than messing
with stock type intercoolers I'd buy a serious one and get an
87-88 computer at the same time that's programmed for the IC.
The stock 86 Tbird computer runs richer to cool the mixture
more to compensate for the lack of an IC.  This is undesirable
for maximum power, but necessary when there's no IC.