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Re: Oil Light/Overboost

I have an 86 SVO and my light is labeled oil and it will light up and a
buzzer will go off if either of my boost gauges read over 19 psi. This only
happens in late fall when the temperatures drop and when I drive it on nice
days in the winter. Isn't this an overboost warning, I had an 83 Turbo Coupe
that didn't have a gauge but had 2 lights on the dash. A green light for
boost and a red one for overboost, and that only came on very rarely and was
accompanied with the same annoying buzzer. The first time it went off in my
SVO it scared the life out of me. The car has been over a quart low of oil
and the light never came on. I wonder if it is for oil low pressure instead
of low oil level.    Just wanted to let you guys know, Chris.