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Yes, I was busy during lunch :)

I am now a source for high quality SVO replacement alternators!

I went and got my old highway death alternator disected, and got a newly
remanufactured unit.  I took a tour of the plant and saw what goes on, in
the alternator rebuild process.  Arlington Armature has been in business
for 50 years.  They are highly respected around here.

Better diode packs are used than what was already in my old alternator. 
They're AMP/HR rated on final test out, and lots of other good work goes in
to them.  It was fun learning about alternators and the rebuild process.

1 year warranty.

I can supply these for $80 delivered to you.   This should be a reasonable
half step between the generic auto parts store junk, and the new Ford part.

Hope this helps somebody out.  Mine goes on tommorrow.  The one I got at
the racetrack has been trying to expire the last couple of days!  It still
saved my bacon *that* day though. :)