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Re: Alternators

Dave Compton wrote:

> Better diode packs are used than what was already in my old alternator.
> They're AMP/HR rated on final test out, and lots of other good work goes in
> to them.  It was fun learning about alternators and the rebuild process.
> 1 year warranty.
> I can supply these for $80 delivered to you.   This should be a reasonable
> half step between the generic auto parts store junk, and the new Ford part.

I'd like to hear more about these, and SVO alternators in general.
My stock one always worked great, even with an underdrive pulley.  At
135K miles I finished it off by momentarily connecting jumper cables
backwards and toasting the diodes.  Rather than rebuilding it, I
put on a generic one (mistake).  Now I have a hard time keeping the
battery charged. I'm assuming if I take the underdrive pulley off
things will improve, but it was never a problem with the old alternator.
Is my experience typical, and would a different alternator like the
one you are selling solve my problem with keeping the battery charged?