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Re: Alternators

Dave Compton wrote:
> > Is my experience typical, and would a different alternator like the
> > one you are selling solve my problem with keeping the battery charged?
> Typical?  I dunno.

I just meant typical of others experience with generic aftermarket
alternators, not typical of ways to kill alternators ;-).

> I'd bet that a new regulator would help you out.  They also sell these,
> although I didn't check on a price.
> Replacing your regulator would be cheaper than replacing your alternator.
> It may require this step, to determine you specific problem, also.

The regulator was replace when the alternator was replaced, and both
test out as being fine.  My amp light begins to glow below about 1200
RPM, and full charge doesn't happen until about 2500 RPM.  On the old
alternator, the light never came on, even at 800 RPM, and I never had
any problems, so I never checked to see what RPM I was getting full
charge at...even with the underdrive pulley.