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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Brian Guild wrote:

> I can't understand for the life of me why everyone is convinced that
> Platinums do not work in Boosted Motors.  I think this is crap.  I have
> been using platinums from day one with my TurboTbird, and have not had any
> problems.  TO be honest with you, if your cars are running terribly, like
> some of you describe, it seems to me that your problems are much bigger
> than just spark plugs!
I agree, but mainly just with your last statement. When I was back in my
early days, I put Platinums in the SHO, and I was at the track once and
cracked a plug while checking it and sent my dad to get a new one, and to
my disgust he returned with 4 platinums.
I will say, They did not make my car run real bad, but it does run better
on normal plugs.  Plus all platinums arent the same. the Bosch's are the
lousiest.  I had a VW rabbit that would run like total crap when I put
Bosch Platimums in.  I could put the Bosch Supers(normal plugs) in and go
bark the tires in 2nd gear.

> Until someone provides me with scientific evidence that Platinum Coated
> Spark Plugs are bad for my Turbo 2.3, I'm just going to ignore this thread
> about "platinums being bad."
Well, if u think its all crap, O well, guess thats why we are individuals.
But I will say, how come when u see magazine write-ups, none of the fast
cars mention Platinums? The only time I see platinum plugs listed are on
the stock lamer cars that only have a filter and gears as mods.  No
serious racer I have yet to meet runs platinums.

Platinums are good for my moms Lincoln, becuase the things take forever to
go bad, but during their lifetime they jus have a weak spark.  In a
performance car, i would rather jus spend 5 bux and change teh plugs every
800-1000 miles.

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