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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Dave Compton wrote:
> Rapidfires are made by AC Delco and have lots of neat features (that work).
>  About 3-4 $ each.
> Torque Masters are wierd.  They have a 360 degree ground elctrode that
> comes up from the plug all the way around the end of it.  About $6 each. 
> I was just trying to offer up some alternatives THAT DO WORK for those who
> like to spend more than 98 cents each on plugs.  :)

hehehe..Well, I'm in the middle i guess cuz I get plugs for about 1.25:)
but, I have never been wooo'd by fancy electrode plugs.

When I used to work at a "major auto parts store", I saw my first
published article that said the splitfires were b.s.
And the main reason the article said, was that it is impossible for the
spark to jump those two gaps at the exact same time.  Funny how everyone
rags Splitfires, but doesn't rag other makers that make plugs that "work"
on the same principal.
I have thought aobut getting a set of U grooves for a while, but went
against it cuz I figured that it was prolly b.s. too..same reason.

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