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ets (fwd)

here is a message from someone that saw my page regarding Steve and ETS.
In closing he said do what I want with his message, so I figured I would
pass it along as a note from another satisfied customer....

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Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 13:12:34 -0700
From: Kirk <xxxxxxx@mail.sdsu.edu><-modified for anonimity
To: shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu
Subject: ets

That is very interesting information, your wall of shame.  I have dealt
with ETS, or rather, Steve and have learned from the experience.  The
only things that I have bought from him are a gasket set and the .500"
lift cam kit with the bigger valves,etc..  I was actually fairly pleased
with the cam as it was the smallest one he had, and the valve springs,
as it turns out, are the same as a chevy 350.  He gets his parts from
Crower down here in the San Diego, CA area.  Here the story begins.  I
ordered the cam because I blew a head gasket and decided to rebuild the
head for more performance, and he said I would get in in a couple of
days since he was in the LA area.  This was about the first week in
February 1996.  When I did not receive it after a week I called him and
he told me that they had made an error and did not have one in stock and
would have to grind a new one which would take about a week.  I figured
this was reasonable, but a week passed and I once again had to contact
him (which is very difficult because he would rarely return my messages
and sometimes wasn't there when he was supposed to be) again at my own
expense because he doesn't have a 800# and won't call me back.  This
time he said that it still had not arrived, so I waited another week,
and keep in mind this is my only car which happened to have its engine
removed.  A few more weeks and several calls later, he said that he
finally had the cam and would ship it to me, however after another week
I still did not receive the cam and he said there was a shipping problem
with UPS, and he would rectify the problem.  Well, after yet another
week he finally admitted that he had not received the cam at all and
that it was Crower's fault for not being able to grind it for him after
all of these weeks.  Whatever.  He then said that he was supposed to get
the cam in a couple of days.  However, while all of this was going on,
my mother thought I was not able to handle the situation (since I was 18
and she thought he was taking advantage of a naive kid) and since I had
borrowed her credit card to make the transaction she decided to chew him
out, which she did.  This is where I got pissed off.  He told her that I
must have been lying to her when I would report his many excuses each
week to her.  I was so mad that if he had been there when my mom told me
this I would have kicked his ass, and I am bigger than he is, heh, heh,
heh!.  He did agree to deliver the cam and install it personally for me
which he did.     Almost two and a half months after I ordered it. 
Something I forgot to mention is that after a month I got him to send me
the valves, springs, keepers, and retainers which I had promptly put
into my cylinder head.  This only reinforces my claim that he was lying,
because if he could send those pieces, why couldn't he send the cam. 
Anyway, I would have to agree that Steve is just out to make money for
himself and will tell anybody anything to get it.  I am glad that you
have decided to tell others why they should avoid him.  He is truly a
weasel and there is nothing I hate worse than a lier.  The only thing we
can do is contact the Better Business Bearau (or however you spell it)
and just spread the word.  Another thing of interst is that turbo
magazine did a article on modifications he made to a '89 XR4ti, and the
second modification he made (after adding his 3"downpipe) was adding his
mass air conversion kit. According to his claims and the chassis dyno
this alone added something like 60 rear wheel horsepower up from about
130hp.  That is total B.S. for it to add about 50% in power alone. 
Incidentally, it is not a mass air conversion as he calls it, but
rather, it converts from a vane mass meter to a hot wire metering device
(a 70mm ford unit I believe) which is commonly available for around
$200, which means he charges $400 for some stupid chip that doesn't
work.  He claims to be a mechanical engineer, but being a M.E. student
at S.D.S.U myself, I doubt if he has really, trully incorporated serious
engineering himself.  In fact he has violated several rules of ethics.
One last thing, His cam kit consists of manley valves, crower springs,
retainer, and keepers, motorsport anti-pump lifters, stock ford roller
followers and crower could probably duplicate the cam upon request.  
Use this information as you see best.
	Kirk (1986 turbo coupe owner)

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