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RE: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

>> Until someone provides me with scientific evidence that Platinum Coated
>> Spark Plugs are bad for my Turbo 2.3, I'm just going to ignore this thread
>> about "platinums being bad."

Because of the high cylinder pressure in a turbo engine, it is a bit
harder to light off the mixture than in a comparable normally aspired
engine. The problem is that with high cylinder pressures increased
voltage is 
necessary to make the spark jump the gap. This is why we run a small
plug gap
of .035" or less.  The higher the pressure, the higher the voltage
The platinum plugs do not have as hot of a spark, thus do not perform
well under
high boost conditions.  But, they last a really long time !  I figure,
as our plugs
are fairly easy to change - go with a cheap conventional plug, and
replace them
more frequently.

>STeve Leiding
>"According to my calculations the problem doesn't exist."