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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> And the main reason the article said, was that it is impossible for the
> spark to jump those two gaps at the exact same time.  Funny how everyone
> rags Splitfires, but doesn't rag other makers that make plugs that "work"
> on the same principal.

I rag on splitfires because they were mediocre when I put them in, and
crap within 500 miles. ;-)  Spark will follow a SINGLE path of least
resistance, but what spart really likes is sharp edges.  I think the
reason that the NGK V-Powers and the Delco "whatevertheirnameis'" work
well for a little longer than most other plugs is that they have enough
edge in the right spot so that as the arcing deteriorates the edges,
there's more available for longer.  In theory this should apply to
the splitfire, too, but it seems to be made out of some kind of
material that deteriorates really rapidly, and isn't that great to
begin with.  I definitely don't have any facts, though, just