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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

SVO8ntno50@aol.com wrote:
> On the subject of Splitfires, I ran my own little somewhat scientific test on
> these.This was done with my 88 LX 5.0 so I cannot say how they would react in
> a 2.3 turbo. While at the track, I took out my autolites and installed the
> splitfires. The result...3 tenths slower (consistently over 4 runs)....back
> to the pits...........install autolites..........gained the 3 tenths
> back(consistently). This was all the evidence I needed, as far as I am
> concerned they are junk.(at least in my 5.0 but I still wont use them in
> anything else). By the way, when I got my SVO, it had splitfires which were
> promptly removed and filed in the cylindrical filing cabinet.
> Paul
> Bright red 86

Pretty wild, I've never heard of anyone with data that consistent.
Even when I try to get data at the strip, I have a tough time because
my motor's performance changes drastically depending on engine
temperature and ambient temperature.  I don't think the 5.0's are
as sensitive to temperature as my SVO is.

Speaking of which, I don't know what to conclude about my stock
vs Tbird intercooler testing.  I didn't seem to gain anything,
even when compared to previous nights results at the exact same
temperature and 60' time.