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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

>I rag on splitfires because they were mediocre when I put them in, and
>crap within 500 miles. ;-)  Spark will follow a SINGLE path of least
>resistance, but what spart really likes is sharp edges. 

 Hey Guys,
   I think I'll finally jump in on this one.  The above statement is
absolutely correct.  This is one of the reasons Bosch platinums are not good
for turbo'd motors.  The Bosch plugs have the blunt center electrode.  If
I'm not mistaken, the ground electrode is rounded too, but I'm not sure
because I don't have one on hand.  My buddy had these plugs in his Escort
and the car ran fine.  He then added a turbo to the car, and it missed and
surged like hell.  He then put new plugs in (Bosch platinums again) and it
ran a little better, but not much.  I then suggested trying regular Autolite
plugs.  Guess what, the car ran great, with no other changes other than the
   Point is, Bosch platinums are no good in boosted engines by my, and many
others, experiences.
                                                        Bug Bug