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Re: Ford 2.5L

 This is the first that I have heard about it. Where did you learn about it?
I do not know if you can help me or not, but do you know of any changes from
the 97 to 98 Cobra Convertibles? My mom has-had a 97 Cobra Convertible with
only 5500 miles on it before she let me take it to work one weekend and some
idiot turned in front of me at 50 mph! Those airbags scare the hell out of
you. I personally think that the car should be a total because every body
panel ended up being tweaked except for the rear bumper shell. Anyway my mom
had to order that one and the dealer said that it was the last of the
production line. Yesterday I stopped by the local Ford dealer and located 3
new 98 Mustangs, all were V6's and had window stickers without prices on
them. They all said "vehicle not for sale" on the window sticker. Thanks for
any info, Chris.