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Mitchell Online

Dave, could you send me the link? I am having a bear of a time finding
the problem in a friend's 87 Turbo Coupe. I keep getting a code 14
(intermittant PIP). We have replaced the stock distributor with a
rebuilt Which includes pickup and TFI module, swapped in my processor
(87 TC) for a day, checked resistance on pip wire from dist to eec, ok,
I wonder if the EEC power relay would be the next test? The car runs
fine until about four minutes after being run, then it begins to buck
and break up violently for a minute or two then is fine again until shut
off and restarted again when cool, then the cycle starts again. The coil
tested OK, There are new Motorcraft plugs, cap, rotor and motorsport
wires on the car. Any ideas?