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Re: Alternators

                                                        Stock output is
rated at 65 amps.The early alternators differ internally from the late
model units, although both are rated the same from Ford.The late model
units also seem to have a much higher failure rate than the earlier
units.They seem to always fail on me under racing conditions.Most of the
replacement units you buy over the counter seem to only be the 55 amp units
from the local auto parts stores, because they are not truely the correct
units for the S.V.O.'s, even though that is how most aftermarket parts
books list them.I hope this information helps.If you have changed
alternators check for the correct output from the alternator
manufacturer.Do not go by what is on the case if it is a rebuild or
remanufactured unit.
At 03:12 PM 9/5/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:
>> >I am now a source for high quality SVO replacement alternators!
>> what's the output amps?
>Stock is rated at 55 Amps.  I got a select fit one that was 75.  This is
>only possible from a rebuilder.
>I'll ask for 75s for all the alternators ordered from me.  It shouldn't be
>a problem filling that request, they had several while I was there.