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Smiliar Side Mouldings

Well, I have the stock molding on one side of my car to compare to. So I

The stuff I got as a replacement, is about an 1/8th of inch, or less,
shorter.  It does clear the ridge, however because of the curve of the door
it may offer less protection than the stock stuff.

It also differs in appearance because the stock stuff has kind of a flat
black and textured surface.  This replacement stuff is gloss black and
smooth.  It is just a tiny bit wider also, and fits and fills the groove
better in my opinion.

I'm not offering this stuff to complete your concours show car.  It's just
to put something on your daily driver, like mine is.  It ain't the same,
but it's as close as the trim shop had, and they are a 3M trimbrite shop. 
You will have to stick it on and cut it appropriately.

The part number is 5826-OP manufactured by Vinylex.  My cost is 28.09 and
then I would have to ship it to you.  Obviously, I'll be retiring on the
proceeds from side molding sales. :)

However as an alternative to a used set for $150, I think it's a good one.

Hope this helps somebody out.