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Parts for sale- mostly 5.0 some SVO

I'm parting out my 93Kmile 87 Dove Gray Mustang GT.  The car was wrecked on
the pass door and pass front fender.  The fender will be an easy fix, the
door will not.  The engine, rear end, and front seats are gone.  The
taillights are broken.  EVERY SINGLE OTHER PIECE I have available. 
I also have;
87 TC 8.8 rear with posi 3.55s no brakes or axles
84 SVO T-5 w/60Kmiles
84 SVO T-5 unknown condition
GT (.79") rear sway bar, brand new w/hardware
SVO take off sway bars.
aluminum driveshaft, less than 5K miles
misc 2.3 turbo engine parts
Tired lo-po roller 5.0 complete long block

Everything is pretty inexpensive, I want it out of here. Email OFF-LIST
with questions.
I'm near D.C. and will give preference to local buyers to avoid shipping.