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Diff Bearing

Hey Guys!

   I just crawled out from under my '86 T-C. About 1K miles ago I installed a
new pinon seal (old one leaking)  and its leaking badly again. Does that mean
a bad bearing or what? The car doesn't have very many miles on it (68k) but
it was sitting for two years before I bought it. Any suggestions? Also, the
rear control arm bushings are shot, I'd like to put Poly bushings in but my
experiance with them is that they are hard to install and then start to sqeek
and make other weird noises. Any thoughts?

   By the way, thanks for all the good suggestions on the 230 HP thing! 

Rich Stark
Evergreen, CO

P.S. Any of you guys from Colorado want to get together lets do it before the
winter sets in.