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Guess what...

I finally made it to the 'strip' in Blackwater Creek, VA.  Times are 
as follows:

Run #1:
17.01 @ 78 mph
.404 !!!!

Run #2: (With some help from a friend, ice on the intercooler, and 
shrimp on the barbie)
15.99 @ 86 mph

In the 88 TC!!!!!!!  I don't know what the hell is wrong with this 
car.  I've replaced & adjusted damn near everything.  EEC-IV finds 
nothing wrong, and it's intermitten.

I then went to Pidgeon Forge, TN (only about an hour from home), to 
the rod-run, where I saw 4 TCs, and 1 SVO.

Life is good.

-Jeremiah R.