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Fwd: SVOs at Talladega

While I'm here.  Would you guys please include "Subj:" and indicate by some
means, such as beginning them with "SVO", that they are about our cars.  It
is getting difficult to know whether these subjectless messages and even
others whose subject is not clearly SVO realted, should be deleted or not.
 My mail is getting to be about half full to more of junk mail and deleted
without reading.
Forwarded message:
Subj:    Fwd: SVOs at Talladega
Date:    97-09-06 22:14:45 EDT
From:    Capitan100
To:      CHASK

Forwarded message:
Subj:    Fwd: SVOs at Talladega
Date:    97-08-11 21:39:59 EDT
From:    SVODKA
To:      Capitan100

Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to go let me know.  You can go around the track with me if you
want to.

Forwarded message:
Subj:    SVOs at Talladega
Date:    97-08-10 23:23:00 EDT
From:    SVOASC
To:      SVODKA

Hey this is Rhett from SC..  Got app in the mail for Talladega.. Its on the
weekend of SEPT. 27..   It cost $70 bux this year.. Seems like its gone up a
bit since I've been a few years back?????     Deadline is Aug. 31...   Then
its first come first serve....
I'm going to be there with at least 3 other svos from SC.... 
   Form says to call Allen Peeler @ 770-477-1157   or Bob @ 813-443-7568..
Hope you can attend...  NOW GO TELL ALL OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!
                          LATER SVOASC