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 If the motor is getting its air anywhere besided the VAF Meter, like
through leaky gaskets, or crooked o-rings (I did this)  it'll run lean, this
WILL cause pinging and it'll run like crap. You should be able to check this
pretty easy, just get a coat hanger and bend it so you can stick it through
the bottom of the air cleaner and push on the flap in the VAF. If opening it
a little smooths out the engine, it's probably just an air leak.
Good Luck!

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From: Jeff D House Jr <housej1@juno.com>
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Date: Saturday, September 06, 1997 6:43 PM

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>Subject: Pinging !!!!
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> Hello, I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I thought that one
>of my orings on one of my injectors was bad. So I took off the
>Intecooler, Throttle Body, EGR Valve, and Upper Intake. Now when I took
>off the Gasket for the EGR it was pretty bad. And the Throttle Body one
>was ripped about an inch. While I was taking off the Fuel Rail I
>accidently broke off the Temperature coolant sensor right there on the
>Top of The Lower  Intake. I went to NAPA and bought a new one. I put it
>in replaced the o rings, and then reassembled the Upper Intake with Old
>Gasket. Throttle Body with Old Gasket and the EGR woth the old Gasket.
>Now when I put the Intercooler back on, I started it up and immediately
>it barely ran. So I tried starting it again. Finally it made it to where
>the car would stay running. Is misses aolt while at idle. If I rev up the
>car while in Neutral it don't sound too bad. But if I get out on the road
>and try driving it , it pings real bad. would not replacing the old
>gaskets make this happen? I went out tonight and bought new ones. Do you
>think this might be it. I've had vacum leaks before but never have had it
>ping like that before(almost like it has bad gas or something). Hope
>you've dealt this before !
> Thanks,
>      J.House
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