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Parts for sale!

Hey guys!   

Still got a few parts left to sell...   Some of you MAY have written me
about some of them, and if you have im sorry for not getting back to you..
I have been swamped with e-mail about this stuff, and some other stuff...
it all gets confuzing after a while... Anyways, heres what i got left..  If
you are interested, please e-mail me, and include your phone number...  

87 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe Shortblock <Complete w/oilcooler and waterpump,
88k miles> $75 + shipping..

87 Turbo Coupe T-5 Transmission <shifts good, no noise, good syncros, 88k
miles...> $250 + shipping

87 Turbo Coupe rearend.. <8.8 w/3.55's and rear discs.. 88k miles complete>
$310 + shipping

Rapido SVO+ Computer and vane meter package ... $250 + shipping

Shipping should be less than $100 for anything on the list <if it is, ill
pay the difference>  ... Please get back to me ASAP.. And let me know, if
you have wrote me before about these parts and ive forgot about you <Ill
give you priority>... Thanks guys!!!  Oh.. and can someone here please post
this stuff on the Merkur list?  <im not on it, and dont know how to
subscribe> ....   Either reply to me via e-mail, or call me at
608-241-4195... If im not here, leave a message with your phone number, and
ill call you back... Thanks again!!

--Joe <kid@inxpress.net>