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Started on first turn!!!

Date:  Mon, 08 Sep 1997 01:04:16 PDT
To:  cwahlin@helios.acomp.usf.edu, tb_list@mailstop.com
From: cmbabson@hotmail.com
Subject:  Started on first turn!!!

I don't know if any of you remember but a couple of months ago I was set 
to the task of tearing out my head for the first time.  I received a lot 
of great advice and I want to thank those who responded.  The Bird in 
reference is an 87 TC with 134,000 miles.  I had lost compression in 
cylinders 2 and 4 and was in a quandry.  Well, I started tearing down 
the engine last week and found that it was only a blown head gasket so I 
decided to only replace the gaskets.  If my wife wasn't expecting a 
child I'm sure that the overhaul would have been much more extensive.  
Anyhoo, when putting the head back on I forgot to hook up the oil 
sending line.  (Goes to the turbo charger) Let me tell you what a bitch 
this is to put back on when the head is in place!!!  But it was 
(luckily) only the first of two nightmares.  I was a good boy and when 
tightening the thermostat into the head promptly sheared one off.  Flush 
as you can get.  Now the fun begins.  One of my friends, the brilliant 
genius that he is brings over a reverse tap set to get it out and broke 
that off in there too.  So then the call for a carbide bit.  An awful 
lot of money to get the bolt out so we jerry rigged it.  I mean really 
jerry rigged.  We got a distributor clamp for a Chevy 350 and clamped 
the sheared side down using one of the unused bolt holes next to the now 
defunct one.  Quite ingenius I'd say!  Works great!  (So far.)  Now I 
know you may think that this is a lousy thing to do but I didn't want to 
take the head off again and send it to a shop and have it drilled out 
for a hundred bucks and the compression was too good to be true so what 
the hell.  The rest of the installation went pretty routinely and when 
complete, it started right up on the first turn of the key!!  Can you 
believe that shit?!?!  Here it is, 1 year from when it broke down, no 
gas pressure, no oil pressure and a full tank of year old premium and it 
fires right up.  I must say, I was completely amazed.  I thought I would 
have all sorts of problems to work out and all I had to do was charge 
the battery and adjust the idle.  I didn't think it would be that easy.  
No leaks, no out of time, no funny smoke.  Started right up like it was 
running only yesterday.  Well, now I am truly convinced.  There is no 
need to not do most of your repairs yourself. Thanks to all that helped 
and I hope to be writing soon about running over Mustangs and Camaro's.  
After a proper break in period, of course.  (Hee-Hee!)

See ya out there!


The once again happy motorist!

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