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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

Gary Morrell wrote:

> <inconsistent power due to temp>

> Intercoolers will do this. My brother road races a '93 RX7 TT, the first lap is
> banzi, but once the intercooler gets warm, the performance falls off
> noticeably.

Problem is, I cool the intercooler with water until it's cool to the
touch each run, and my times still vary hugely depending on the
ampbient temperature and somewhat due to the motor temperature.

> > Speaking of which, I don't know what to conclude about my stock
> > vs Tbird intercooler testing.  I didn't seem to gain anything,
> > even when compared to previous nights results at the exact same
> > temperature and 60' time.
> Eight or nine years ago, I had a conversation with one of SVO's engine
> designers (Tom Hutchison I believe...) and asked him why SVO hadn't done an
> intercooler in front of the radiator. He said they tried it, but the pumping
> losses due to the extra plumbing undid any gains from the cooler charge. My
> fluid mechanics isn't all that current, but I recall that given constant
> diameter, smooth wall pipe, each 90 degree bend is the equivalent of several
> feet of straight pipe. That means the T-Bird intercooler setup adds many feet
> of pipe between the turbo and the throttle body.

I'm not talking about the aftermarket Tbird unit, though.  I was testing
the 87-88 Tbird IC that goes in the exact same location as the stock
SVO unit, but it supposed to be significantly better.  I think whoever
told you that the extra plumbing wasn't worth it for a front mount IC
was probably implying that a better design IC wasn't an option at the time, 
regardless of location.  I think a GOOD intercooler
would justify the extra plumbing.

> The SVO intercooler may not be in the best location thermally, but its
> optimally placed for fluid flow.

Yeah, but I'm starting to wonder if no IC might be even better than
the stock one.

Speaking of which:  I received the Corky Bell book on turbocharging
via UPS on Friday.  Spent the weekend with it (much to my wife's
dismay ;-), and I highly recommend it.  It rehashes a lot of stuff
that someone who's into turbos would already know, and includes
equations that are based on assumptions that I wouldn't assume, but
I still learned a lot, especially regarding A/R ratios.  One of his
first rules is "Never assume that any intercooler is better than
no intercooler".  He refers to IC's like the stock SVO's as
"interheaters" ;-) due to their location.

He's totally sold on the Aerotech Aerochargers, and I can see why.
I wonder if they make a turbo for the SVO...?