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Re: Which TFI -FOrd's or PepBoy's?

There is a considerable difference.  The Ford part runs about $85 and
$30(Wells brand).  The PIP from Ford is $40 and $18 Wells.

I had my original TFI go bad a month or so back and replaced it with a cheap
one.  I bought the cheap PIP but never put it in.  The car in the last month
with the new parts has missed once or twice and stalled once.

I just bought the Ford parts and I am about to pull my distributor to
replace the PIP, along with the TFI.  I'll give everone an update after I
run it for a while.

BTW does anyone have a good method to R&R the distributor gear without
destroying it and if I do chip a tooth are they easy to find or a dealer
only item, I'm not interested in brass ones just a stocker, in case I need