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Re: Dash Installs

Jeff Dalbec wrote:
> I have an 85 SVO and would like to try and put the 87-93 dash and console
> in it. 

Are you out of your Vulcan mind? ;-)

> Has anybody already done this?????? If anyone has what problems did
> you run into, did everything just bolt up or were major mods
> required?????????? Also what about wiring???????????

Sorry I can't help you.  I just can't believe you'd want to.  I
think the mid-80's dash is a lot nicer than the late 80's dash,
but that's just me.  I'd be a lot more likely to go the other way...
get a generic looking late 80's 4-cylinder notchback, and put
a monster 2.3T motor in it with the N20 in the trunk, and put a
mid-80's dash in it ;-).