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Re: Installed new parts, car runs like shit

Gary Morrell wrote:

> > Speaking of which:  I received the Corky Bell book on turbocharging
> > via UPS on Friday.  Spent the weekend with it (much to my wife's
> > dismay ;-), and I highly recommend it.  It rehashes a lot of stuff
> > that someone who's into turbos would already know, and includes
> > equations that are based on assumptions that I wouldn't assume, but
> > I still learned a lot, especially regarding A/R ratios.  One of his
> > first rules is "Never assume that any intercooler is better than
> > no intercooler".  He refers to IC's like the stock SVO's as
> > "interheaters" ;-) due to their location.
> Does Corky have data to support his "interheater" conclusion, say from some
> thermocouples placed in the inlet and outlet of the intercooler? 

He didn't specifically mention the SVO (I wish he had), he was referring
to any application that puts the intercooler inside the engine compartment.
Any intercooler that has air flowing through it will do good things above
some boost level.  I think he was just talking about how they get heated
up at low speeds.  He was particularly down on the Tbird Super Coupe IC,
because its air supply had to come through the radiator first.  At least
our air supply is good once we get moving IF the hood scoop works (big if).

> Have you
> considered doing this? The data would be invaluable to the list. I'd be willing
> to get the equipment and meet you at Bandimere some weekend.

I'm up for anything, but I always assumes that testing of this sort would
require drilling and tapping holes in metal that would have to be plugged
later (not desirable).  Is there an easier way?

> Rule of thumb, the no intercooler/intercooler breakpoint occurs when boost
> levels exceed 7 to 10 psi, but its also highly dependent on factors that
> influence detonation, like compression ratio, cylinder head design, available
> fuel octane, etc. If the intercooler on the SVO is truly doing anything, and
> you yanked it, you might have some detonation problems. Hey Carl, there's
> another experiment you can run. ;-)

Now that's one I could probably handle if I could find a hose with the
right diameter to go over the turbo outlet and the throttle body.  I
think the two diameters are different, though.