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Re: 84 Fender sticker -- StangSVO

At 09:06 PM 7/19/97 -0400, Bad Johnny wrote:
>I have a 84 SVO and was wondering if there should be a "SVO" decal or
>letters on the front fenders. I do'nt have, but as far as I know it is
>all original (16,000 miles).
>	stangsvo@jaycounty.com

As Neil put it in other e-mails regarding this subject...what was
"pre-production press" (shop manual pictures, Ford pre-production
brochures, or covered in "prototype" tests in magazines -- one such
magazine test showed a solid rear seat back and vented headrests for
example) and what was actually produced are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

Even the "first" SVO was really a dark red GL (I think) that they put the
"SVO" sticker on the fender just to take a photo to make the goverment
trademark department happy -- to show that they were using "SVO" on a car.

Neil has said to me that he had seen an '84 car with a decal on the fender
but couldn't verify if it was factory that way. And I've heard others that
have seen the SVO emblem on the fenders of the 85.5 cars -- in effect --
they were either:

a) built wrong
b) dealer added
c) owner added

Next subject, please!

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