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RE: 84 Fender sticker -- Eric Weber

At 06:42 AM 7/21/97 UT, Eric Weber wrote:
>I have in my possession a book "The Complete book of Mustangs" that shows a 
>1984 Slapper-bar SVO with the fender decal in place. The picture is out of
>1984 FORD brochure. The picture of the 1985 1/2 has NO fender badge. Again 
>it's right out of the Ford Brochure. 

Again, don't believe everything you read or see. 

My gut feeling (not having the book in front of me) tells me that the '84
picture is one of the very widely distributed pre-production photos.

And if you take a close look at the white SVO in the 85.5 brochure and
compare it to the white SVO in the 86 brochure you'll notice they didn't
re-shoot the photo, but just airbrushed-in the SVO emblems!

Again, next subject

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