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Parts forsale.. revised...

Hey, i was doing some thinking, and i decided to change the prices a little
bit <im getting sick of havin' this stuff in my garage> ... Anyways.. heres
the new list..

87 Turbo Coupe Rearend <8.8 w/3.55s and rear discs, complete w/calipers>
$260 + shipping

87 Turbo Coupe Shortblock <complete w/oil cooler and water pump> 88k
miles.. $75 + shipping

87 Turbo Coupe T-5 5-spd transmission <88k miles, makes no noise, shifts
good> $225 + shipping

Rapido SVO+ Computer and Vane meter package  $225 + Shipping

Thanks guys... Please reply with your phone number so we can setup shipping

--Joe <kid@inxpress.net>