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>> I'm going to try to solve the scoop question once and for all over the 
>> next few days. I've begun rigging up a pitot tube in the rear portion of 
>> the scoop to measure the velocity pressure at varying speeds.  
>I assume that's one of those "L" shaped tubes that fluids guys love 
>that'll tell you which direction the flow is, too. ;-)  I don't 
>suppose we could get a graph of airspeed (positive AND negative) 
>in the scoop versus vehicle velocity... 
I found myself musing about the scoop flow/heating problem in general. 
Would there be any value in solving both at once by venting the bottom of 
the IC to underneath the car? 
side view 
                           /           \  existing scoop 
			--/             \--------------------- 
                         /|             |\  existing gasket 
                       |                  | 
                       |                  | existing I/C 
                       \|       |   |   |/ 
                       /        |   |   /   hypothetical I/C lower manifold 
                    ---       --|   |--  
                   /        /  ------- 
                   |       / |       | 
   I/C vent exit   |       |  |       | 
    tube                      |       |    turbo and outlet 
It's not like there's much area in the scoop inlet, or through the  
I/C -- a flattened duct might have a chance to route through by the  
exhaust downpipe if the A/C hoses were gone.  By routing the duct to  
below/behind the firewall, you might get out of the negative pressure 
area and encourage airflow through the I/C the right direction. 
If the I/C lower manifold were insulated, then you might also avoid some of 
heat soak from the exhaust side as well.  Eh, probably not; by the time the 
whole compartment warms, up, anything on the top is going to be cooking, 
insulated or not.