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Air Conditioning Freon R134A

At 03:19 PM 9/8/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Jim;
>RE; Deltanet's problem. let's see if deltanet keeps up the SVO URL in
>the DNS table. We need to check periodically.  
>I can't bring in my car since I have it torn apart. Had the floor pan
>welded and reinforced. I am replacing the heater core. Installing new
>carpeting and soundproofing, repairing the flotfit seat.  The carpet got
>very messing with the antifreeze leak and the cracked floor pan allowed
>road grim into the car. In summary, my car needs a lot of work.
>Jim, I have a problem getting a replacing aircondition compressor since
>mine seized.  I understand they don't make the HR-980 compressor any
>more and getting parts is an issue.  
>Also, since I have to replace so many parets I am considering going to
>R-134A instead of R-12 freon. 
>Any ideas regarding switching over to another compressor?  
>I'll try to make it on Saturday.
>Joe Alverio

I'll check on the A/C compressor...where have you looked? Is it rebuildable?

I too have got my A/C apart since I had a hose off of the compressor blow
and decided to replace all the seals. Then I decided to replace a
potentially bad hose, but I then realized there's another one that doesn't
look too good, so there's one more to buy. I've even got a new
receiver/dryer as well. I have intentions to stay with R12, but I don't
have any money for anything at the moment. The question has come up, so
I'll put a query out.

Definitely you should replace ALL of the o-rings and garter springs.
There's also some retainer clips that Ford started putting on the later
cars, but I haven't actually gotten my hands on them yet.

Get back to me if I don't get to you.