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Re: Need some info

Hey guys!

In '87 I bought a '86 ASC Mclaren Capri (for my wife). The car I had was a
hatchback not a 'vert, dark metalic blue with orange stripes and wheels, if I
remember it had no engine mods but it had extensive suspension mods. It had
stiffer and lower springs and adjustable Carrera shocks and struts. I don't
remember if it had larger sway bars, but I do remember that it handled better
than anything I had driven until then (I traded in a '83 5.0 Capri for it), I
didn't drive a SVO for maybe two years after I sold it so I couldn't compare
them very well. It also had ASC Mclaren floor mats (thick embroidered - very
nice!) a leather embossed steering wheel and shift knob, 15x7 alloys with
225-50s not 60s, dark headlight and taillight covers. Correct me if I'm
wrong, ASC stands for American Sunroof Corp. and Mclaren modified the cars.
Personally I would buy a SVO for the sake of its better brakes, convertables
shake themselves apart and because there is so many 5.0s out there, besides
you can't beat that turbo rush! Thats my two cents.     

Rich Stark