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Re: Air Conditioning Freon R134A

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> >Also, since I have to replace so many parets I am considering going to
> >R-134A instead of R-12 freon. 
> >
> >Any ideas regarding switching over to another compressor?  
> >
> look too good, so there's one more to buy. I've even got a new
> receiver/dryer as well. I have intentions to stay with R12, but I don't
> have any money for anything at the moment. The question has come up, so
> I'll put a query out.

To those of you that need A/C stuff but shy away when you think of the
cost of workin on these old R12 systems.
R134A conversions are CHEAP.
As someone who has driven for the past 7 years(when i got my license) with
no A/C cuz I was always too cheap to buy freon, I finally broke down a few
months ago and looked into what it takes to get R134A in my car.
Car:1985 Escort
Problem: leaked like a siev.

Anyways, R12 is like $2 an OUNCE now.  R134A can be had 3lbs for $10 if u
look around.  So I go by the local parts store and ask what it takes to
put R134A in my Escort.
Parts List:
-Accumulator(dryer):~65 dollars. But that needs replaced anytime u open
-R134A kit that consists of some adaptor fittings, complete O ring set,
and compressor oil for 39 bux.  Or you can buy the O rings for like 3
dollars, the oil for about 5, spring locks for about 6, and the expensive
parts is the fittings at like 12 bux a pair.

its really easy, and cheap.  It took me 3 refills to find the leaks in the
car(got pissed enuff to borrow a sniffer and replace ALL the O-rings, in
addition to the condensor to evap line).  Being as the average joe cant
buy R12, it would have cost me more to get the thing checked out than it
did for me to totally fix it(ended up needing a evaporator..100
At that price difference, it seems pretty stupid to me to stay with R12.
The lines hold the pressure, and Ford had nice evaporators and condensors
anyhow, so you dont NEED the bigger 134A units, if they even have one for
your vehicle.  I think where alot of the "u need a biiger evap or
condensor" came from was the GM and other car maker's owners.  The GM
units don't have much leeway from what I heard. The Ford units are
oversized for the R12, and work fine with 134A.  Only time I see a prob is
sitting in traffic, I think the condensor starts heating up.  But I
noticed alot of Escorts int he junkyard witha  addon pusher fan on the
condensor and figure maybe thats all I need.

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