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Re: Need some info

> In '87 I bought a '86 ASC Mclaren Capri (for my wife). The car I had was
> hatchback not a 'vert, dark metalic blue with orange stripes and wheels,
if I
> remember it had no engine mods but it had extensive suspension mods. It
> stiffer and lower springs and adjustable Carrera shocks and struts. I

My friend had the same exact car.  And he just flat wore that thing out. 
Drove it EVERYWHERE.  He had 120Kmiles on it in 1988!

I was not impressed with the build quality where they attached the
headlight covers and the fender flare stuff.  It also appeared to be a
cheap material.  My $.02.

McLaren is in Fla. and sells parts still.  The steering wheel is the same,
almost, as an SVO wheel.  But it's just about as much, so no cheap
substitute there.