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Installed new parts car runs like shit...the verdict is in!!!

Well folks, first thanks for all the advice, the verdict is in. I
figured out the problem. The firing order was completely
backwards.(counter clockwise instead of clockwise) I guess that the
problem with late night, home garage mechanics. Also, I re-gapped the
Bosch Platinum plugs down to .030".(someone's advice from this group,
thank you!) The car has never run so well. I used to have lag around
4000-5000 rpm in all gears. It was like the engine and turbo were
revving but no power to the wheels. This has now disappeared and to boot
my radio doesn't whine with the alternator. The Accell 8.8 graphite
suppression wires seem to have done the trick.

Next topic, does everyone or anyone have problems with the power
steering being noisy?. I have replaced all the hoses, fluid and belts.

84 SVO, Silver