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Re: Bandimere 10SEP97

Chris Roth wrote:
> Wow,
> I really want to go but the only exhaust on the car is the 3" downpipe.
> Boy is the car loud under boost.  I might see if I can round up a set of
> ear plugs for the drive down and run it with just the straight pipe.  What
> time were you planning on getting there?  I would like to run early as well
> as late.

Sounds fun ;-), for one night anyway.

> What have you done to your car to make you feel you will be in the 14s?

Nothing, it's just that the weather should be cool, and I'm going to try
putting some race gas in, disconnecting the knock sensor, and turning up
the boost a little more.  I was only 0.05 seconds away in June at 69
degrees.  It should get that low by the end of the night tomorrow.

> I have ordered Nick's exhaust manifold to install with my other 86 Turbo.
> My leak on the top of my current one is annoying.  I also decided to
> install the Motorsport A231 cam on my 86 at the same time I do the
> turbo/manifold setup.  I realize that the A231 cam is not the best out
> there but it is free and it will be interesting to see how much power it is
> worth.

No harm in playing with it.

> I still have not received the ATR exhaust.  I had the package tracked and
> UPS said that it is in Denver as of yesterday.  I will probably get it on
> Thursday.
> I will try to get down to Bandimere on Wednesday.

Cool, I'm planning to be there, and another guy with an 86 Tbird is
planning to be there.  Later...