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Re: Corky Bell's Book

Scott Shidel... wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Carl Morris wrote:
> > > and another with a look at the cutting edge of turbo design--Corky's
> > > take on the most likely future developments.  Variable Area Turbine
> > > Nozzles (VATN) turbos may be the hot ticket before long.  Air bearings
> > > for the turbo are unlikely, but ball bearings may come into play.
> > >
> I was talkin to Joe one nite and he was talkin aobut how a friend of his
> with an Integra was goin to a local shop to look at a turbo kit for his
> car.  The saleman started yapping aobut the new ball bearing turbos.
> Immediately, that striked me as odd.  ball bearings? why?
> A ball bearing is going to have more friction than a full floating
> bushing.  No contact(bushing) has less friction than some contact(ball
> bearing).
> Mus be some pretty bitchin bearings to be able to handle a constant 100k
> RPM.

Yeah, the book talks a little about the bearings needing to be really good.
I just realized why they use ball bearings.  The books talk about oil
flow requirements for a standard turbo, and then turn around and suggest
this new kind of turbo that doesn't even require an oil line connection.
The ball bearings are required because the only oil supply is 120cc that's
held in a reservior around the outside of the intake side of the turbo,
and wicked to the bearing.  It only requires refilling every 20,000 miles.
Makes installation on non-turbo cars easy, but we'd probably be a little 
better off with a conventional center section and the VATN exhaust side...